Table selection

Welcome to the form, inspired by "The Staff Engineer's Path" by Tanya Reilly and the insights shared in this blog post. This tool assists you in making informed career decisions by considering multiple factors. Simply use the sliders to rate the importance of each aspect, click "Make Decision," and receive guidance based on your preferences.

Ensure you have the necessary resources, skills, and support to contribute to the project's success.

Assess the potential impact of the project on your own career and professional development. High-impact projects often lead to personal recognition and career advancement.

How much energy will the project suck out of you?

Ensure that the project aligns with your interests, career development goals, and passions.

Consider how the project may impact your personal social capital within the company and industry. Will it help you build stronger relationships with key stakeholders, other teams, or external partners? Projects that enhance your personal network can open doors to future career opportunities and collaborations.

Evaluate the alignment of the project with your technical and soft skills. A project that leverages your strengths and expertise is more likely to lead to your personal growth and success, as it minimizes the learning curve and potential roadblocks.

Assess the project's impact on your personal credibility within the industry. Projects that enhance your reputation can attract recognition, career growth, and opportunities for personal development.


1. What is the purpose of this Table Selection Form?
This form is designed to help you make informed decisions about work opportunities by considering various factors. Check this blog post for more info.
2. Should I trust this Form for my decision?
You shouldn't blindly trust this form. Even the author doesn't advocate complete trust in the form's results. However, it serves as a valuable tool to clear your mind and prompt you to think critically about various factors to consider when making a decision. The ultimate decision should be based on your own judgment and the unique context of the opportunity in question.
3. How do I use the Table Selection Form?
Using the form is simple. Move the sliders to estimate the outcome of the opportunity based on each criteria. Click the "Make Decision" button to calculate the result, which will help you decide whether to pursue the opportunity.
4. Can I use this form for non-career decisions?
While the form is designed for career decisions, you can adapt it for other decision-making scenarios by customizing the factors and weights.
5. Can I adjust the priority weights for each factor?
Yes, you can customize the importance of each factor by moving the sliders in the "Show Priorities" section. This allows you to align the weights with your personal preferences and goals.
6. What does the decision result mean?
The decision result provides a "Yes" or "No" answer, along with a percentage score that indicates how well the opportunity matches your criteria. It helps you make a more informed decision based on your personalized preferences.